eSutures Payment Processing System

eSutures needed to transfer their payment processing software to a new system. GoodJava was the perfect team for the task.

Challenge asked GoodJava to enhance their ordering system by migrating to the Braintree payment processing system. GoodJava was tasked with ensuring that their new payment processor would be a success, while still having a high rate of customer satisfaction.



First, GoodJava had to determine how to properly integrate Braintree into’s website application. From there, GoodJava's next task was to make the transition from the old payment processor to the new one as smooth as possible.



GoodJava mapped and migrated historical payment information from the legacy payment processing system into the Braintree system. Additionally, GoodJava coded new payment modules in the codebase, and integrated and tested these changes in over 100 locations throughout the codebase. To further validate their changes, GoodJava implemented a phased rollout of the new payment processing system with a small set of beta customers, ironing out any errors as they arose.



GoodJava successfully migrated to the Braintree payment processing system.’s business has increased since Braintree was integrated into their website.

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