Teamwork Ticket Helper

Revolutionizing project management, one ticket at a time.


GoodJava, Inc. utilizes "Teamwork" as its task management software. However, there was no succinct method available to identify or reference an individual task. This caused confusion between GoodJava and its clients, and hampered GoodJava's ability to quickly work through tasks.



GoodJava wanted to leverage its knowledge of web technologies and project management processes in order to improve its workflow. GoodJava decided to create an extension to the "Teamwork" task management software, which could also be utilized by other companies to accelerate their own project management processes.



GoodJava created "Teamwork Helper", a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) application hosted in Amazon Web Services cloud, and configured custom webhooks in "Teamwork" to call this SaaS whenever "Teamwork" tasks are created or modified. The service assigns an incrementing "short code" to each ticket and updates it's description. This "short code" provides an easy reference point for the task at hand. Additionally, GoodJava created a url-shortener that uses this "short code" to quickly and easily load the task's webpage.



The "Teamwork Helper" SaaS and its short codes are used daily by GoodJava and its clients, which has greatly streamlined its project management workflow, and simplified communications between GoodJava and its clients.

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